If you’re looking to achieve a total transformation of your physique and fitness then this is the ideal program for you. Only when you leave the mundane stresses of your everyday life and join us at Koh Fit can you truly focus on your goal of becoming a better, fitter you.

This is our 3-6 month program that’s perfectly tailored to you. You will be pushed to your limits by one of our certified personal trainers, who will combine bespoke workouts with a proven nutritional plan to ensure you’re reaching your goals.

This is not just a training plan, as one of our VIP guests we will support your entire routine whilst you are staying with us. On top of your exclusive fitness strategy, you can also expect to receive guidance with diet, exercise recovery, mental preparation and supplementation.

At Koh Fit, we recognise that eating the correct food can be just as influential as your training when transforming your body. For that reason, we only serve the freshest, healthiest meals with the taste to match.

You will discover that losing weight whilst staying with us is surprisingly easy as you are free from the temptation of unhealthy foods; eating only portion sizes that you need.

What’s included in the program?

  • Standard accommodation
  • 3 meals a day Mon-Sat
  • 7 day detox program
  • 3 personal training sessions per week
  • Scheduled training program
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Unlimited classes
  • Full access to the two story gym
  • Unlimited access to the swimming pool
  • 3 Muay Thai sessions a week
  • Beach training
  • Morning Yoga sessions
  • 1 free singlet
  • Airport pick up

So if you’re ready to commit to a fitter, healthier and more confident you, this will be the best self investment you’ve ever made.

240,000 Baht for this 3-month program