Ever thought of cardio exercises as a boring routine that can hardly motivate yourself? Perhaps its hard to find the motivation to run monotonously on your own? Maybe, it’s time to take a closer look at Koh Fit Thailand’s spin class.


Our high-intensity full body workout is designed to give you the challenge and motivation that you are looking for in a cardio workout. This class is only limited to ten participants in order for the instructor to focus on each participant. We can take you through sprints, climbs, and other high-intensity intervals to get your heart pumping while you burn a significant amount of calories. And if you still don’t think that you can keep up, you can easily slow down your pace and adjust according to your ability. This makes it a perfect workout not only for those who are already used to riding bikes. It can also be a great option for those who are looking for an alternative workout.


This is considered by many as a perfect conditioning workout for those who are looking to shed some weight to those athletes who are looking to build endurance especially if you are joining a triathlon. The spin class is not just your typical stationary biking class. It is combined with motivating instructors who also feed your energy with heart-pounding music.


This is a workout that not only helps you burn calories; this can even help improve your overall cardio allowing you to adapt to fast pace activities in the future.

Lose yourself in the beats and inspire that inner warrior.