There is a reason why professional MMA fighters and kickboxers visit Thailand. In reality, a lot of people fly to this part of South East Asia just to train in Muay Thai in Thailand.


Koh Fit Thailand offers Muay Thai classes otherwise known as the art of eight limbs. Unlike the usual kickboxing class, it allows the use of knees and elbows along with punches and kicks making it a great combat sport to learn whether for fitness, self-defence application, or for sport. The Muay Thai workout offered by Koh Fit Thailand is taught by highly experienced fight coaches who train professional fighters.


You will be taught the proper stance and footwork, not to mention how to properly throw a kick, a punch, along with elbow strikes and some knees. In fact, your travel to Thailand is definitely incomplete without trying Muay Thai even once.


Muay Thai is more popular than ever as it is not just applied within the realm of the sport, but also by Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the UFC. Muay Thai also reflects the cultural tradition of the country.  This combat sport is also an overall great workout that can help you burn a good amount of calories in the long run.


We cater our Muay Thai classes for both beginners and for professional athletes that are looking to improve their timing or preparing for a fight in the coming months. You can expect only the highest quality of training with Koh Fit Thailand. You get access to superb coaches and high-quality equipment that can make the difference in your training.