Koh Fit Thailand offers so much more than just your regular workout. What excites a lot of our clients is that we take advantage of our location.


We make it a point that our clients will not feel mentally exhausted even after a week of high-intensity workouts. To reduce mental fatigue, we make it a point to mix things up every now and then.


Once a week, it is always a good thing to provide our clients with a different kind of training that they can do with the rest of other like-minded individuals. We usually do training in a different environment during Saturdays. We take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and go to Lamai beach. We believe that with this approach, it allows clients to reset their mind while still working their body towards improving their strength, endurance, and explosiveness.


This doesn’t mean that you are not getting the adrenaline and the workout that you are looking for. Our beach class has grown in popularity among our clients mainly because of its fast-paced approach in high-intensity. Our exercises can help improve your cardiovascular endurance as we boost your metabolism to overdrive.


You will be performing exercises repeatedly allowing you to burn a tremendous amount of calories after each class. The following weekend, the class takes another approach as we do jungle hill climb which involves a 5km track through the jungles as you run up to the top to get a magnificent view of Lamai. Once at the top you will get a magnificent view of Lamai, a great sense of achievement, while enjoying some refreshments and the breathtaking view.