Koh Fit Thailand offers yoga classes to help you improve your flexibility and to give you the chance to meditate. We have a highly experienced yoga instructor that can guide you from start to finish. Our yoga classes are early morning classes that can help you find your centre as you start your day. We give participants the chance to relax, inhale, and exhale the stress that they are currently experiencing in their life.


You also get the opportunity to loosen up your body especially after a stressful workout or after continuous work. It is a perfect class that can be used in combination with intense workouts. In fact, it can be used as a form of active rest for some individuals. The class will last for approximately 45 minutes. Participants are highly suggested to wear suitable and comfortable clothes that are stretchable.


This workout is perfect for most individuals. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has experience with yoga, the instructor is more than willing to adjust as you perform different poses during the class. If you have any medical issues, all you have to do is to inform the instructor. You will receive a modification of the workout that suits your health and your injuries.

Inhale, exhale, relax