Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach your gym in Koh Samui?

Our gym is located in 79/30 M.6, Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310. There are different modes of transportation available in Koh Samui. One of the easiest is to simply show our address to a taxi. You can also make use of Songthaews or a motorbike taxi.

If you use Google Maps, here is the map location of our gym

If you have more questions regarding our location, you can always feel free to contact us at +66 (0) 99 692 9351 and we are more than happy to help you.

What is the best way to get to Koh Samui?

Most international flights will land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. From this airport you have the option to get a connecting flight with Bangkok Airways or Thai Airways directly to Koh Samui, this is the easiest and quickest route but it can get expensive.

Alternatively, you can fly with from Bangkok’s other airport, called Don Mueang Airport, to Surat Thani which is the closest mainland to Koh Samui. This flight option can save you a lot of money and there are a few airlines that fly this route. With Air Asia you will fly into Surat Thani Airport, you will need to get a mini bus to Don Sak pier which can be will take around 45 minutes. You’ll then take a ferry over to Lipa Noi Pier in Koh Samui, the ferry journey has picturesque scenery and only takes 1 hour. With Air Asia you have the option to book the mini van ride and ferry ticket as extras on your flight booking which means you won’t have to worry about finding these separately.

Another option from Don Mueang Airport is with Nok Air who fly to Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport in Surat Thani. From here you will need to get the coach to Tapee Pier where you will board a Hi-Speed catamaran to cross over to Koh Samui. This can also be purchased as an all-inclusive ticket which will make the journey hassle-free.

We recommend booking your flights as early as possible to avoid late booking price hikes.

Whichever way you choose to travel to the island, our Koh Fit Meet and Greet service will be there to collect you and ensure you arrive at your accommodation safely so your fitness journey can begin.

Which program would be best for me?

The Weight Loss, Total Fitness and VIP Transformation programs run alongside each other but are all designed around different goals.

The Weight Loss program is for those carrying at least a few kilos of extra weight they would like to lose and that do minimal or no exercise. This program is suited to you if you don’t often eat healthy, nutritious meals and would like to learn how to target your weight loss through your diet as well as your fitness.

Our Total Fitness Program is for you if you are already active, but want to tone your body, build muscle and improve your overall fitness. You already have an understanding of working out but would like to learn new techniques and form. You’re ready to take your fitness to new levels.

If losing weight is your goal and you’re ready to commit to changing your life, then the VIP Transformation program is for you. Similar to the Weight Loss program you are someone who does little to no exercise but are ready to dedicate 12 weeks to becoming active, healthy and strong. You may not know how to give your body the nutrition that it needs but want to be guided towards a new healthy diet at Koh Fit, that you can continue when you return home.

Most importantly, for all of our programs you will have the positive attitude to change your lifestyle, becoming a happier, healthier you.

What is the difference between the Total Fitness program and the Weight Loss program?

For those looking to lose weight, nutritional choices are equally as important as your levels of activity. With this in mind, we created the Weight Loss program to improve your diet as well as your fitness. This starts with a detox to cleanse your body, leaving you feeling fresh and motivated. After talking with our nutritionist, you will learn how your body processes food and how to provide it with only the best choices. This will prepare you for your change over to our Weight Loss menu, designed for losing fat and fuelling your activity.

Another benefit of the Weight Loss program is your weekly personal training session, where you will get a better understanding of targeting specific areas and using gym equipment, giving you the knowledge to continue your fitness journey after you leave Koh Fit.

The Total Fitness Programme takes you to the next step from weight loss: toning your body, building muscle strength and becoming a well rounded athlete. The focus is on testing your physical limits, reaching new levels of fitness whilst learning correct technique and form.

When pushing your body to its maximum capacity, you need the right foods to refuel and aid muscle growth. At our onsite cafe you can choose from a variety of healthy, tasty meals and shakes that will prepare you for your next session.

Whichever program you choose, it will be tailored to your individual needs to help you reach your fitness goals.

Why did we choose Thailand as the best fitness destination?

Thailand is the best fitness destination mainly because of its climate, beautiful beaches, and its wonderful people. We want our clients to experience Thailand while they stay fit along the way.

Does Koh Fit offer accommodation?

Yes, Koh Fit accommodation is included as standard in your fitness package. The rooms are located just a few minutes from the Koh Fit site, the nearest town and the beach. Despite this, they are set away from distractions meaning they are the perfect space to relax and focus on your fitness.

For more information see Accommodation.

Can I upgrade to a superior room?

Yes, for bookings from 2019 onwards, you will have the option to upgrade to a room in our spacious shared pool villas. For more information, please enquire.

Are your programs ideal for families too?

Koh Fit Thailand’s programs are meant not only for athletic individuals but also for regular individuals. It is perfect for the family as our trainers tend to adjust according to the level of experience of our clients.

What is the minimum age to join your fitness camp in Thailand?

We offer our fitness camp mainly to adults. As long as you are at least 18 years old, you are free to join the fitness camp.

Does Koh Fit provide nutritional support?

Part of what makes our programs effective is the nutritional value in the foods that we provide. Your meal options provided by our Koh Fit Cafe are healthy, fresh and clean, giving your body the best fuel to perform.


Additionally, clients taking part in the Weight Loss program will get an opportunity to sit with our nutritionist, learning how foods affect your body and overall goals.

What kind of extra healing activities do you offer?

We offer yoga classes if you wish to recover and to also improve your overall flexibility. It is conducted in a scenic location that allows you to find inner peace.

What can I do on Sundays?

At Koh Fit, your training programme runs Monday to Saturday, giving you Sundays off to relax and recharge. You’ll probably want to use this time to explore our beautiful island.

Being just a few minutes away from the beach, you might start with a gentle stroll along Lamai seafront, watching the clear blue waters wash over the white sand. From here, you will find a plethora of options for water sports, massages or a nice cold drink.

If you’d rather go trekking in the jungle, Koh Samui is famous for its plunging waterfalls. With a few to choose from, you can join as part of a Safari Tour or make your own way and enjoy the day swimming in the fresh water pools.

To see as much as Thailand as possible during your time here, you could go island hopping with plenty of islands less than an hour from Koh Samui by boat. One of the most popular choices being Koh Tao, a beautiful destination full of nature, by far the best place for snorkelling with tropical beaches, colourful sea life and secret coral coves.

To wrap up your day off, take a trip down to Lamai night market, every Sunday its bustling with stalls and tourists. Here you will find great gifts and souvenirs such as jewellery, artwork, clothing and more.

There so much to do on our paradise island, at Koh Fit we will be happy to recommend and book any activities during your stay.